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Company History

Nina Waldman's Body in Mind Pilates Studio has been in business offering you fun and effective classes, STOTT Pilates equipment, along with quality instructors since 1998. When I opened the first Body in Mind Pilates Studio over-seas, I promised my clients I would always keep their health and wellness in mind. Today, my wonderful staff, our increasing clientele and locations reflect our tireless efforts to provide excellent service. Body in Mind provides services which are constantly evolving to ensure that our facilities are reflective of the ever-changing face of health and fitness.

The first studio opened in Jerusalem where I relocated to follow my Husband while he played professional basketball. During a game, he suffered a back injury and had to undergo spinal surgery. This is when we were introduced to Pilates. After watching him rehabilitate, I was so excited by this method I decided to get certified. When we returned to our native city of Las Vegas, I opened Body in Mind Pilates Studio inside The Las Vegas Sporting House. After the Sporting House closed in December of 2001 Body in Mind relocated to GOLDS GYM where we serviced our clients on West Sahara for over four years. In May of 2005, Nina Waldman's Body in Mind Pilates Studio & Fitness Boutique expanded to the southeast side of town. As I grew, my staff did too. I currently have 11 amazing instructors and we are very pleased to be located inside of Drift Spa at Palms Place. It has always been our mission to teach our clients health and wellness. For more than a decade we've worked with numerous client types; athletes, fitness competitors, pre/post natal, injury rehabilitation, children, senior-citizens and everyone in between. We invite you to come tour our facility and witness for yourself what everyone is talking about. Clients are always asking, Why Pilates? It's simple, here is an exercise method that gives you instant results, is safe and makes you feel great!

Instructor's Profiles

Our mission is to help make Las Vegas and Henderson fit and healthy one resident at a time. We offer equipment and programs for Mothers-to-be, children, senior citizens, the injured as well as athletes of all ages and abilities. Come in today for a tour of our facilities and witness for yourself what everyone is talking about! Clients are always asking, Why Pilates? The answer is simple, here is an exercise form that gives you instant results, is safe and makes you look and feel great!

About Nina

Nina Waldman

Not having been athletic growing up, I always desired a stronger body and wished for better health so I started exercising and studying nutrition during my late teen-age years. My journey into health and wellness began when I enrolled in Health Occupations. I also started to sculpt my body by strength-training, running cross-country and cheerleading. Loving the way exercise made me feel I ended up losing 35 pounds!

Intrigued by the transformations I was making, I continued to educate myself in Anatomy and Physiology with aspirations to pursue a career in Sports Medicine. I started accumulating a variety of certifications. After attending school for Medical Assisting and only a few semesters into college, my husband, H Waldman relocated us to Jerusalem, Israel where he pursued his career in professional basketball.

My husband injured his back during a game and rehabilitated doing Pilates. Once I realized what this amazing exercise form could do, I returned to Las Vegas and to UNLV where I completed my first Pilates certification course. I flew back to Jerusalem anxious to open the first Body in Mind in December of 1998.

In my travels, I’ve worked with and learned from numerous instructors.  Many contributed to my compassionate approach and articulate instruction and others inspired me to continue to educate myself is the Pilates Method and Wellness. Regardless, all have inspired me to continue to educate myself in different forms of Pilates. I am currently working on a third certification through STOTT Pilates.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with many different body types and injuries. I've realized everyone is unique and has special needs. No matter if you're a celebrity, a professional athlete, dancer, senior-citizen, stay-at-home mom or just wanting to improve your flexibility, all of my clients have built healthier, stronger bodies thanks to Pilates.

My Pilates practice helped me bring my baby into this world without any drugs. A peaceful mind, a strong pelvic-floor and breathing techniques allowed me to experience one of life's miracles.

My most recent passion is teaching Corporate Wellness to places like Zappos and The Hard Rock Hotel's Food & Beverage Department. After all, a healthy employee is priceless!


Palms Place

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